Lost In Time

Lost In Time

A couple of weeks ago, we took an adventurous drive out of Melbourne to the Lost Trades Fair. This annual fair is somethin’ else. Really. It’s like literally taking a step back in time to see how it used to be done, when beautiful pieces were created with grit and flair 😉 And that is precisely why the trip was more than worth it. If this doesn’t inspire you to think about taking on an old-school trade, then it may at least get you thinking about checking out the fair next year. Or, if you’re not in town, checking out what’s available in your neck of the woods. Here’s a bit of what we saw in action.

The Fair has been held since 2014 and is all about showcasing ‘the art of skilled manual work, ancient and traditional trades and crafts, their special tools, traditions, languages and secrets’. The Fair recognises that a lot of these skills and crafts have been lost in the commercial world that exits today so it’s all about shedding light and promoting these trades. And aside from this, probably the best aspect of the Fair was the willingness of each tradesperson to teach and share their knowledge of their craft with everyone. You can read more about the history, purpose and vision of the Lost Trades Fair by clicking here.

This basically goes along with all that has been said on our previous posts about the value of being unique and expressing personality and creativity in your interior styling and decorating. Take a step out of the mainstream and see where that leads you. It may only be one small piece that you like or can afford but we’re sure that it will be a standout. And plus, you can feel that extra satisfaction and goodness for supporting your local artisan or tradesperson. Or if you want more of a challenge, why not consider taking on a craft, skill or trade?

Just had to end on that note! We hope that inspired you to delve deeper into that which is made by hand.

Till next time 😉


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