‘Outdoor Styling’ Inspired Mood Board

‘Outdoor Styling’ Inspired Mood Board

Hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks and are looking forward to some more free time over the Easter break next week! If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ll know we recently did an ‘Outdoor Styling’ series of images. It was one of the more popular series of posts so I thought I’d do a mood board for you, so you can recreate a cool and vibrant outdoor setting in your own outdoor space!

Some inspiration images for you, similar to what we featured on Instagram:

Outdoor Styling Moodboard on Grit and Flair Blog
Bohochic packing a punch of colour. Image credit: Domaine.
Outdoor Styling Moodboard on Grit and Flair Blog
Gorgeous and colourful outdoor setting. Image credit: Popsugar.com
Outdoor Styling Moodboard on Grit and Flair Blog
Tall palm trees and greenery in a neutral setting, indoor styling that is easily transferable to the outdoors. Image credit: Travelshopa.com

Get the look with this mood board:

Grit and Flair Outdoor Styling Moodboard1. Alseda Stool, $59.99, IKEA

A great piece of furniture to use as extra seating, a footstool or a coffee table for your tray of snacks and glass of vino, as you sit outside and bask in the sun.

2. Rose Kilim Cover$59.95, Nomadicson

This beautiful cushion cover (and many more like it!) can help add some texture and colour to your outdoor space. Really gives it that boho-chic vibe. I also walked passed this fabulous store at 306 High Street in Northcote called Silk Road Rugs and Tours. They stock amazing rugs and cushion covers, mainly from Turkey, and a vast range of other accessories for the home. Nina Bondarenko, the Store Manager, is super helpful and its definitely worth checking the store out in person as not all the stock is on the website – you won’t be disappointed!

3. Living Space Genuine Sheepskin Rug, $99.99, Spotlight

Love this sheepskin rug, not only as a chair cover that looks great but will also keep you warm when the weather gets a bit cooler. Easily move the rug from the chair to the floor when you want something soft and cosy for your feet!

4Jassa Lounger, $119, Ikea

Lay back and literally lounge in this chair, soaking up the rays and enjoy a glass of wine on the patio! Why not?!

5. Chamaedorea Elegans Parlor Palm, $8.43, Bunnings Warehouse

This and a number of other palms, trees, shrubs and pot plants are exactly what you need to add just the right touch of green to your outdoor area. Stock up on your favourite coloured flowers if you’re a green thumb and/or some succulents if you’re less plant-care inclined.

6Jasmine Natural Silver Jute Rug, $129 – $379,  Temple & Webster

This is a beautiful rug, that works with both a neutral and bright and colourful bohemian style. Also beautiful because it adds some texture to the scheme and can help define and add a border to your area.

If you’re in the southern hemisphere, make sure you enjoy the next few weeks of sunshine before the cold really sets in. For those north of the equator, Happy Spring! 🙂
Til next time, ciao!
x Nonci

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