That Global Interior Flair

That Global Interior Flair

Stepping into Rachel and Hossein’s beautiful home, you quickly become aware that it belongs to the well traveled and collector of exotic goods. They recently renovated their house, and did an incredible job, believe me when I say that the original state was somethin’ else! It now boasts potential and the promise of more as they continue to slowly work and develop it. The home is styled with eclectic pieces picked up on overseas travels or homewares which they sourced locally. Put together, it is marvelous and it’s great to have a little preview of what they have done so far.

It’s just a taste and look at how global decor can add richness to a space. This combination of cultures in interior styling is forever trending and just makes for great personality and dramatic flair in a home. And the beauty of it is that it can be easily achieved with only a few items. So look out for what you can add to your space to give that touch.

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