It’s Time To Blossom!

It’s Time To Blossom!

We’re well into Spring, down South that is, so it’s time to stop and smell the roses. Not figuratively speaking but literally get out there and check out the wonderful bloom that makes this season. A couple of weekends ago, I did just that and went to the idyllic town of Leura to frolic in its spectacular Gardens festival. The perfect place to get wowed by the amazing gardens and outdoor settings of homes opened by some pretty fabulous and generous homeowners, it was all absolutely stunning. Here’s a look at some of the best of what I saw, although there was so much more than this!

The style of each garden varied and each space was so well planned and crafted, the beauty was in the detail. And even though there was quite a bit of effort behind it all, nature was mainly just given the right environment to flourish. It was also pretty impressive how many different plants, shrubs, trees were on display with just about every type of foliage and greenery you could come across. Less is more was not applicable for most of these outdoor spaces and just as well ’cause it would not have been as brilliant.

Inspired to start your own garden and outdoor space? Here are some things to consider, which you can read more about here: who is going to use your garden and what for? Do you want shaded areas or sunny areas? Do you want areas for entertaining or spots where you can sit and relax on your own or both? Think about if your garden is exposed to the sun and how to make the most of the sun and if you may need to screen it at other times. Your house will also inspire your design, it will give you architectural styles and, of course, you the entry point to the garden.

Then there are all the wonderful plants, shrubs and trees you could use, which honestly are so many, it can get pretty overwhelming… so pace yourself! Here’s a handy online plant finder, now you’re ready to get your green on. You’re welcome.

See you next time 😉


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